Monday, December 23, 2013


She was a co-worker, about five years my junior. We hardly spoke at work, but she always played with her hair and looked at me with such mischief in her eyes.

One day she was headed to lunch and asked me if I would like to join her. I was a little taken aback, but I agreed, and she said "I'll drive." I sat in her passenger seat, and we drove away. I asked where she was taking us for lunch, and she said "I have a special craving. We are going somewhere off the beaten path." I will remember that line forever.

We drove past the strip. Past the regular food joints. I wondered what her plan was. Finally, she cut down a dirt road and wound the car through some twists and turns and finally we ended up under a large shade tree at the end of a back road that had no outlet. She turned and looked at me. I said "Okay, so this is your plan? Are we lost?" She smiled and said "Oh, I know exactly where I am. It's you that doesn't. So I guess that makes you my prisoner." I saw a little smirk form on her face, and then she said "You can stop me at any time, just say so. Otherwise, I just want you to relax."

She hit a button on the side of my seat, and it reclined slowly. I was still at a loss as to what was going to happen next. When I was reclined back, she said "Remember, just say the word and I will stop."

Her hand slowly went from my chest down to my crotch. She squeezed gently, and my cock betrayed me in two seconds. I moaned, and the head strained against my jeans. She smiled and said "I wonder what you look like underneath those jeans. What HE looks like..." I wanted to protest a bit, but again my body betrayed me and I leaned back even further to give her better purchase on the zipper.

My pants were carefully unbuttoned, and I felt EVERY movement. Then my zipper, and the feeling of her finger trailing behind it brushed my cock from the frenulum to the base. My cock SURGED upward, and again she said "Hm, thank you for for the boxers." I felt my boxers lowered, and the cool air hit my crotch. I was fully erect at this point, and I will also remember her next words forever:

"Oh, are beautiful. The head is so much bigger than the shaft. Round like a plum, and I want to taste it...please?"

The image of this was unparalleled, and at her words my cock jumped of it's own accord, I looked, and the head swelled again, turning a dark pink. She giggled and said "Just one taste..."

In slow motion, I saw her mouth lower itself and her lips close over the head. As her lips did this, I saw my cock surge one last time and the head distended to a larger size than I had ever seen before.

The initial contact was so intense that I cried out her name. She gently cradled my balls as her mouth went up and down...up and down...each time her tongue swirled across that ONE SPOT. (I'm sure you know the one.)

I completely lost my ability to reason. My head spasmed backward against the seat and my back arched so high that I popped a shirt button. She never even used a hand on my shaft, concentrating fully with her mouth. Teasing, and then going full-force....then back again. Each time I felt my O coming, she sensed it, and slowed her movement. After several minutes, she popped the head out just long enough to show me her mussed hair and said "Your precum is so delicious...almost sweet." and then she went FULL force on me again. I cried out her name again and again. She looked deep into my eyes and popped the head out one last time. "I want it. Give me my dessert." She slipped her lips back over the head, swirling her tongue in earnest now, and I felt all control slip away. My back arched again, so hard I felt something in my spine "pop" and then with my last sane thought I growled her name through clenched teeth.

The first spurt sent me into an abyss of of ecstasy, and then next one made me see stars. I must have lost consciousness after the next one, because my ears rang and everything went blurry. When I came back to, she was lying against my crotch, and slowly stroking my newly hardening shaft. She sensed my rousing, and looked at me with a coy little smile.

"Your head was so soft in my mouth, and the shaft so hard...when you came, it was like a rush of sweet mango flavored cream, and I swear there was so much of it I had to pace myself."

(I eat a lot of fruit, and only drink I guess my cum is sweet.)

I trembled there in her arms, and she straightened her hair and and buttoned my jeans. I could hardly keep my internal balance. Before she started the car, she said "Wait, I need to grab my hairband from the back seat." She slowly crawled over me, and placed her legs and crotch straddled just above my head. She lowered her torso, and now her crotch was less than an inch from my mouth. I inhaled and smelled her arousal. She gently brushed my face with the crotch of her jeans, and said "Down tiger, next time it's my turn."